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Item# 14115 Messeschmitt Bf 109F-4 SUMMER VERSION

$16.00 Retail

SWEET 1/144 Messeschmitt Bf 109F-4 BARBAROSSA Summer Version
2 kits in a box !!
2 Optional Clear Canopy Parts. Finely molded parts in light gray; 2 types of clear canopy parts,(with and without Armor) detailed landing gear structures and wheels, drop tank and the optional Tropical Sand Filter part. Saparate underwing air intakes. Recessed panel lines and rivets.
High Quality decal, printed by CARTOGRAF in Italy, provides the choices of 5 summer camouflage & markings; aircraft from JG3, JG51, JG52, JG54.

* The decal sheet provided markings of Messeschmitt Bf 109F-2 also.
Simple modification makes this kit a F-2 model. It illusterated above.

Click photos above for larger images. (mold color is diffent)

Hispano Ha-1112
the Battle of Britain film scheme

Dave Lochead from New Zealand
„Click photo for larger images.

„Click photo for larger images.

Dave Lochead from New Zealand sent us photos of Hispano Ha-1112 Buchon. He converted from SWEET Bf109F and painted it in the
"Battle of Britain" film scheme.

Thank again! Dave,


Bf109 F-4 BARBAROSSA Summer
By Evan Jones

„Click photo for larger images.

Evan Jones sent us photos of his builtup SWEET 1/144 scale Bf109F-4 model.

He wrote Howdy guys, I wanted to share my build of your bf109 f4. These are amazing ktis and I have lots more build planned. Thanks!

Nice work! Thank you Evan,


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