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Item# 14104 Hurricane. Mk.1 (Metal Wing Type)
BATTLE OF BRITAIN ACES 1940 2 kits in a box

$16.00 Retail

Item # 14104 1/144 Hurricane Mk.1
!! Five RAF Aces Markings !!
Metal Wing Type
, Optional parts for two types of antenna mast, Rotol 3 blade propellers+a spiner and DeHaviland 3 blades propellers +a spiner. Markings for 5 ace's aircraft, Arther Clowes, P.M. Brothers, L.W. Stevens, Robert Tuck and Ian Gleed. High quality decal, printed by CARTOGRAF in Italy, Colorful marking guide included. 2 kits in a box molded in Gary and clear. Exquisite detail, recessed panel lines and rivets.


odel built by Jan Sobotka from Czech republic

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Thanks! Jan,


Model built by William Adair from Australia
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He wrote "This is Mk I Hurricane from the Battle of Britain.  Extra detailing was added to the cockpit, but the majority of the kit was finished out of the box." He did Hi-Lighting edge of panels with lighter color. It is so effective. We love it. Thank you, William.

Battle of Britain Diorama Hurricane vs. Me-109
Diorama built by Matthias Pohl from Germany

He wrote I finished my little diorama with the wonderful SWEET Hurricane! Unfortunately there's no Me-109 (E-type) in the SWEET range to complete the scenery in a historical correct way. So I had to use the ARMORY kit oft he Messerschmitt Me-109 E… No comparison with the SWEET kits! But I think I made the best out o fit. The Hurricane was a real pleasure to built! "
Thank you, Matthias.

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